Nasca | Cantalloc Aqueducts Tour


Nasca | Cantalloc Aqueducts Tour



In prehistoric times the inhabitants of the Nasca region developed an underground infiltration galleries system to irrigate the valley portions lacking surface water. These galleries are built with cobblestone and flagstone roof and Huarango wood for kilometers below the surface.

Tour Description
We will pick you up at the time indicated at your respective hotels. After having reached this aqueduct you will witness the great ingenuity of the ancient inhabitants who struggled for survival by building underground channels in sinusoidal form to capture seepage water flowing down from the Andes to transport water to the surface filling in lakes or pools before being distributed to the fields.

Then you will visit the “Needles”, a place where you can appreciate the Nasca lines closer in the form of a large trapezoid. Here the guide will explain the reason of existence of these trapezoids on the side of the majestic Cerro Blanco (highest dune South America and holy place to worship the water and fertility).

Finally we arrive to the Inca administrative center. Archaeological studies found that is of Inca origin and was called Caxamarca. It was built for administrative purposes and to be the link between the coast and the mountains. It was the home of Inca representative in this part of the coast, inhabited by maidens, administrators and soldiers. End of service and return to your hotel.


  • 1. Cantalloc Aqueduct
  • 2. Cantalloc Geoglyph (part of Nasca Lines)
  • 3. Paredones Inca Administrative Center

What is included in the Tour?

  • Pick up and transfer
  • Bilingual guide service

What is not included in the tour?

  • Accommodation
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrance fees
  • Extras and tips


10:30 AM / 3:00 PM

Additional information

    If you want to make this tour is important to follow these recommendations

  • Wear light clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen and bring camera.
  • To make a reservation is important to send all personal information and payment required for this service, then our reservation department will send a receipt or an electronic receipt, which you should print and present to start the tour.

To secure your reservation, please pay or transfer 50% of the price of the tour by adding the tour to your shopping cart multiplied by the number of persons participating. You pay the remaining 50% upon arrival. Please consult our cancellation policy for possible refunds.

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